"How To Reward Your Employees, Keep Them Happy, & Make Them Love Working For You With This Wild Idea!

From The Desk Of: Nick Fosberg
Owner Of  Casey's Pub

Dear Small Business Owner,

(If you're reading this and you're not a small business owner, forward this page to your boss... You'll see why below!)​

Wouldn’t you agree that having a team of employee’s who love working for you, who stay happy, would be more productive for you? Respect you more? The work environment would be so much better?

It’s great to think about isn’t it?

My name is Nick Fosberg and I’m the owner of Casey's Pub. I’m reaching out to you because I want to do something special for you, so you can do something special for your employee’s on Saturday November 28th. Why?

Because it's Small Business Saturday and I know what it’s like to manage people and try to keep everyone productive. It’s stressful!

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that when I give incentives for special promotions throughout the year, my staff seems to step up their game.

What I’d like to do is give you my “Small Business Saturday” special offer! November 30th is considered to be “Small Business Saturday” so I thought why not do something really special for people who are just like me, but in other industries.

Here’s What You’ll Get!

I’m going to give you a FREE appetizer package for up to 20 of your employee’s! What’s included is pizza, boneless wings, and buffalo chicken egg rolls!!

That’s a “$200 value”

Why Am I Doing This?

As I said, I saw it was Small Business Saturday coming up and I thought it would be pretty cool to do something nice for people like myself and I’m hoping that you guys enjoy yourselves so much that maybe you guys will want to come in more often.

Only 10 Given Away  
Fast Action Required

As you know as a business owner, there are expenses and taxes coming at us from all angles! With that said, I’ve sent this message to 499 other small businesses within 5 miles of Casey's and I can only take the first 10 groups for this offer. This is ONLY good on Small Business Saturday - November 28th.

My accountant would probably strangle me if I did anymore! HAHA! I don’t want to show a big loss!

Here’s What I Need You
To Do Right Now

If you want to provide your employee’s a great time, with no cost coming out of your pocket, and make them happy in order to be more productive for you, call or text Michele, my wife,  at 815-218-9696 right now. These packages will go fast. I told Andrew, our manager at Rural On Tap what I was doing and he said “You’re nuts, your phone is going to ring off the hook!”

My Response..... "Not my phone, Michele's!!!" LOL!

We shall see but I wouldn’t bet against him. Give Michele a call or text right now and get this locked in before they are gone. If you'd rather e-mail her you can do so at Mfosberg77@yahoo.com.


Nick Fosberg

PS. We are starting to book up holiday parties at Casey's & Rural On Tap. If you're interested in having a ugly sweater & santa hat party for your staff or just a regular holiday themed party, please bring this up to Michele.