How The Pick The Joker Promotion Works! 

We’re kicking off a brand new promotion in the bar area that I call “Pick The Joker” and it’s going to give you and everyone else a chance to win some BIG money!

This is going to be a weekly promotion, every Monday from 6-8pm. The way this works is we start off the pot at $1000. When you come into the bar you’ll get a ticket, no purchase necessary. (Please be sure to ask the staff for a ticket when you come in)

Every 15 minutes from 6-8pm we will be pulling tickets and giving out prizes such as t-shirts, free meals, etc, etc. At 8pm, this is when we pick one last ticket for the Joker drawing.

One lucky person at 8pm will be picked to pick from a deck of cards and if you pull the joker, you win the $1000. Here’s what’s cool. If the person doesn’t pick the joker, they walk away with a pretty cool prize. We then rip up the card that was picked and then we add $100 to the pot for next week.

This means each week, the pot goes up and the odds get better as there will be less and less cards to pick from!

If you go to our Facebook page and "Like" & "Share" it, you'll receive 3 extra tickets for you helping us get the word out! Just be sure to show your server and ask for those tickets.