Team A

Spotlight Tavern Employee Facebook Share Contest

Click the button below. When you see where you're able to type at the top, please type in "Make sure you enter "Team A" into the promo code so my team and I get credit for our contest! 

Please be sure to do this at least once a day. If you want to do more then once, the better the chance of winning for your team. To not fill up your page with the same thing over and over, just make sure you delete the last "share" you did. This way you can always be in the news feed and in front of your friends and family. 


The more people you and the entire staff get to take us up on this offer, the busier we will be. This isn't a overnight success. It will take some time. Our goal is to hit 500-1000 people within one month. We will then use this list to send out promotions and specials to pick up business, meaning more customers, more tips, more shifts, and everyone is happy! When you see new customers coming in with these 50% off offers, undertand it's up to you whether they come back or not. We can get anyone in the door with these offers, but if they don't have a good expierence they will not return. 

We have trust in all of you and we hope you see how this is not only going to benefit us, but also benefit you. We are really hoping to make this promotion a huge success and we're looking forward to rewarding everyone for their help!​